The Fusion Stained Glass Process

Every progress in technology brings something new in every domain. Stained glass manufacturing is easier thanks to a wonderful technology called fusion. Many stained glass artists can see their dreams come true thanks to this process.

Glass fusion is a process meant to combine pieces of glass into one beautiful stained glass pane.

Here is how it works –

The stained glass artist will choose the big glass pane taking into account the colors, dimensions and the overall aspect of what he wants to create. On the big pane, he will place smaller colored glass pieces in the shape that he wants to obtain. These pieces will be arranged like the pieces of a puzzle.

The freedom to create is absolute; using this technique, you can place the pieces however you want, even one on top of the others. The stained glass artists are aware of the properties the glass has. In this operation, the coefficient of expansion is very important. Some glasses will shatter or break during the fusion process, so do not try this at home unless you have the necessary equipment and the required glass pieces.

All the pieces will form the theme of the “painting”. For better results, the smaller glasses will be fixed in the desired position with special glue. This glue is will not remain after the fusion is over; it will actually vanish, leaving no trace at all on the resulting glass pane.

Once the structure is glued and ready, it will be placed in a special kiln and “cooked” for about 15 minutes. The temperature will range from 500 to 800 degrees Celsius depending on the complexity of the glass pane. During this process the glass will literally melt, one onto the other. After it cools down, we will have a nice glass pane ready to hit the stores.

This technology gives stained glass manufacturers and artists more freedom to manipulate the glass better or in order to create astonishing effects. This way the resulting glass will be one piece. Painting and gluing the pieces together have their disadvantages. Paint will wear off its color with the passage of time and the traditional way of gluing the glasses together is very pretentious.

Stained glass appliances are various and the beauty of this art is astonishing. The effect created by the light passing through a stained glass pane is fascinating. Either you want a stained glass window or an interior decoration for your apartment, every piece of glass has its story and it is good to listen to it.

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  • Stained glass is such a beautiful art, I try to find ways to integrate it into my home decor wherever possible.

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